European leaders come together Thursday 21st of January about a possible corona vaccine passport to make travel possible for those vaccinated with a corona vaccine.

There are a lot of questions around this subject with pros and cons. Is it obligated, is it legal? How to adapt legislation? And what will be the form? A stamp in a passport? A digital health passport? Or like IATA is working on with the IATA travel pass, a small card (digital health passport) with a QR code that leads to a database with the Corona vaccine you have had.

Countries within the EU like Greece desperately want something like a corona vaccination passport to give the tourism industry a re-start this summer. Also, Spain, France, and Croatia will be very progressive in moving forward with a corona travel pass.

Traditionally people have carried a paper vaccination certificate. But tech firms in the US and Europe have teamed up with The Commons Project to make a universal COVID-19 vaccine certificate accessible via an app. The aim is for CommonPass, which has already been trialed in some of the biggest airports around the world. to be accepted at every airport in the world.

The CommonPass app is still in trials, but there is an option to be notified when it becomes available.

To prevent EU countries make up their own vaccine passport this meeting is to investigate ground for an EU-wide vaccine passport to be introduced rather quickly as spring is only a few months away.

Back in April 2020, had reported that once a vaccine was finally effective, travellers could be asked to present proof they have been vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to be eligible to enter the European Union and Schengen Area Member States.

Covid-19 vaccination register.

Most EU countries keep track of Covid-19 Vaccination by a special register. Daily updates of vaccinations is necessary to closey monitor a decrease of hospitalization of corona patients across the counties. The Dutch government has its RIVM organization tracking this data. Although The Netherlands is current one of the slowest countries in the EU with covid-19 vaccinations. Due to slow deliveries from Pfizer and Moderna just 100.000 shots have been given until the 23rd of January 2021.